Isnin, April 26, 2010


Bersama Teresa Kok (Exco Kerajaan Selangor) di Pejabat DAP Kuala Kubu Baru
Memasang Poster disekitar Kuala Kubu Baru
yang diambil dari Terasa Kok diPejabat DAP K.Kubu Baru
Disekitar Ulu Bernam mengedar risalah
Masjid Al Rahman di Ulu Bernam
Hj Omar amat bersemangat memenangkan calon Pakatan
Mengedar Risalah dari rumah ke rumah
Memberi penerangan pada penduduk Tionghua
Hulu Selangor Kalumpang - 22 April 2010 11.30pm seramai 7 AJK Pas Kawasan Bayan Baru bertolak ke Hulu selangor. Tiba pada 3 pagi kami mencari tempat penginapan di Masjid Kalumpang yang merupakan sebuah Masjid yang ada kaitan dengan keluarga iaitu datok kepada YDP Pas Kaw.Bayan Baru Ustad Dr Mujahid Yusof Rawa merangkap AHLI Parlimen Parit Buntar Perak.
Pada sebelah pagi kami telah bergerak ke markas Pas P.Pinang untuk bertemu dan mendapat arahan dari ust Khalid selaku Pengarah kontigen Pulau Pinang dan berpeluang makan pagi di situ.Kami diarahkan membantu mengedar risalan disekitar ULU BERNAM dan berhampiran Masjid Al Rahman dan seterusnya bersolat Jumaat di masjid berkenaan.
Dari tinjauan kami ada kelemahan dari sudut perang poster di pihak PKR dan kurangnya gerakan mengedar risalah di ground level yang boleh dikatakan bertimbun risalah dan poster tak sempat diedarkan walaupun hanya tinggal 48 jam lagi sebelum pemilihan di buat.PKR kekurangan jentera di peringkat bawah, dengan bantuan PAS dari seluruh Semenanjung maka bergeraklah pengedaran poster dan risalah ke kampung kampung .Pas yang mempuyai pengalaman hampir 52 tahun dan mempunyai jentera yang berpengalaman serta dapat merempuh masuk ke kawasan kampung dan FELDA.

Selasa, April 20, 2010


CERAMAH SEMPENA MAULIDUR RASUL S.A.W 1431H Semua Muslimin Muslimat Di Undang Hadir ke : CERAMAH SEMPENA MAULIDUR RASUL S.A.W 1431H Tajuk: "ISLAM PENAWAR SEGALA MASALAH" Penceramah: AL FADHIL USTAZ MOHAMMAD KAZIM BIN ELIAS AL-HAFIZ Tarikh: Sabtu 24hb April 2010 - Selepas Solat Maghrib Lokasi: Surau Raudhotul Ulum, Taman Bukit Jambul, Pulau Pinang. Anjuran bersama: Pusat Khidmat Yang Berhormat ADUN Batu Uban dan Jawatankuasa Surau Raudhotul Ulum (Taman Bukit Jambul) MAJLIS TILAWAH AL-QURAN DAN UJIAN AZAN 2010/1431H Semua Muslimin Muslimat Di Undang Hadir ke : MAJLIS TILAWAH AL-QURAN DAN UJIAN AZAN (SARINGAN 1) Tarikh: 18hb April 2010 (Ahad) Masa: 9:45 pagi Lokasi: Dewan JKKK Mk.13, Sungai Nibong Kecil (Taman Bukit Jambul) Pulau Pinang MAJLIS TILAWAH AL-QURAN DAN UJIAN AZAN (SARINGAN 2) Tarikh: 25hb April 2010 (Ahad) Masa: 9:45 pagi Lokasi: Dewan JKKK Taman Brown Gelugor Pulau Pinang MAJLIS TILAWAH AL-QURAN DAN UJIAN AZAN (AKHIR/PENUTUP) Tarikh: 08hb Mei 2010 (Sabtu) Masa: 8:00 malam Lokasi: Dewan Jubilee Perak, Jalan Sungai Dua, Pulau Pinang

Jumaat, April 16, 2010

Mujahid Yusof Rawa is MP for Parit Buntar and PAS National Unity Committee chairman. From Holy Spirit To Saint Anne APRIL 12 — My mission to dialogue with Penang’s Christian communities ended in St Anne — my 4th session in the northern state. The first was at the Church of the Holy Spirit in Island Glade. It was successful in the sense that communities learnt first hand PAS’s stand on the kalimah Allah issue. From the Nativity Church in Butterworth, Immaculate Church in Pulau Tikus and finally in St Anne Bukit Mertajam, the dialogue tour acted as a beacon of hope for the future of multi-faith relations in Malaysia. Last Sunday (28th April) I spoke at a dialogue held at The St Louis Church in Taiping. I look forward to traversing the country to talk and dialogue with Christians in an effort to start a new culture of understanding and dialogue between faiths. I learned a lot from these dialogues. I want to share that experience with The Malaysian Insider readers and hope to get feedback which can eventually contribute to help build bridges between different faiths in this country. I got to know new friends, whom I would not have met otherwise. I met father Xavier, Father Stephen Liaw, Dr Mary, Angie, Martin and many more which I can’t remember their names but I know them to be men and women of good faith. I must acknowledge one guy I first encountered at The Holy Spirit in Island Glade, Penang. You have probably heard of him as a social activist by the name of Anil Netto. Anil helped me a lot to establish contact with the churches. He also attended most of the talks and was one of the main speakers. I appreciate what he did and I’m sure there are a lot more rooms to explore in this new relationship to further enhance the dialogue culture. Otherwise I would not have met with so many people of different faiths sharing similar hopes. Hopes which have been buried underground for the past 50 years just because certain quarters wanted to keep us at bay on the ground and avoid discussing openly about sensitive issues. As the country moves forward to the new millennium “avoid” tactics seems to be out of place and the dialogue initiative emerge to be the best solution to manage the sensitive issues. I was also pleased by the support I received from PAS activists such as Ustaz Roshdi, Abdul Rahman, Pak Andak, Nasir, Yusof and others. They were so excited by the dialogues, they followed me everywhere I went. In Taiping a group of students from one of the Islamic Private School attended the talk. When I asked the Principal who accompanied them, why they came he answered in one word ‘to learn’, I hope they did. One thing great about engaging in dialogue is that you learn many realities in promoting understanding between two or more diverse parties. Differences and dissimilarities were never justified reasons to hate one another. These realities on the contrary should promote understanding by which without dialogues and talks, understanding can never be achieved. The beautiful thing about interfaith dialogue is that you don’t have to agree one another and you don’t have to dilute your faith to please another faith. It is important to learn that interfaith dialogue implies respect other people’s faith and to learn what these faiths hold in high esteem. I have stressed that faith is not a play thing, we can have dialogues but that doesn’t mean we are compromising our faith, if faith can be compromise, then there was no reason to have faith in the first place! When the issue of apostasy (murtad) was raised, I had to tell the truth about what Islam says on this issue, there was no pleasing or going around the bush. I said Islam banned such act and apostasy is considered one of the biggest sins and the punishment is so severe that if the advice process failed, a Muslim can potentially be punished to death. I asked whether Christians have such provisions. If it has such provision then Christians must defend it and tell others! I have learned also that our constitution provides for dialogue, only narrow minded politicians define our constitution in a manner which limits interaction of different faiths. These groups define the relationship through the politics of fear and threat. Threat that hide beneath the mask of religion and race. Everytime when the political situation is not on their side, they would put their mask on and go around telling people to keep them at bay! No one come close for there is danger! In our dialogues the interpretation of our constitution becomes so vibrant, allowing space for interfaith relations. I found out that as Malaysian we are guided by our constitution and the constitution stipulates in article 3(1) that Islam is the Federal Religion of the State and article 11 stated that other faith are free to practice. Islam being the official religion of the state is accepted by every loving citizen in this country. Throughout my dialogue I did not confront any resistance to article 3(1) and I did not have problem explaining the deliberation of article 3(1) and the impact it has in our life as Malaysian citizen. Article 11 was never questioned as long as it did not jeopardise the substance of unity in this country. I was also asked on PAS’s stand on the issue of IFC (Interfaith Commission) and why Pas rejected it. Yes I replied, PAS rejected IFC since it entails in empowering the commission the right to decide on one’s faith. If it was in place then faith become subsidiary of the commission and it will defeat the purpose of faith’s role in the first place. PAS however applauds the IFD (Interfaith Dialogue) and believes it is a way forward. Interfaith Dialogue will solve a lot of problem since faith is based on sincerity and openness. IFD is what we need, so that faith can be left where it should be, faith should not be ruled by a external entity which claims to be the spokesman for all faiths! The future of IFD depend on all parties, not just PAS and the Christians communities. We have to sit down and contemplate and come to an important conclusion that there is room for everyone in this beautiful country called Malaysia. We don’t have to wait until new controversy arises, indeed the ‘Allah’ issue maybe a blessing in disguise and we should be proactive through dialogues and talks. At least I have started the journey of thousand steps and if the mission is a success no one will ever forget the first step of the long journey… from The Holy Spirit to St Anne… * The views expressed here are the personal opinion of the columnist.


Isnin, April 12, 2010


Mohd Habib Abdullah April 8 at 12:33pm Reply Assalamulaikum dan salam sejahtera, Teman-teman gabungan yang dihormati.Mungkin telah ramai yang mengetahui akan tertubuhnya satu pertubuhan yang dinamakan Pertubuhan Pribumi Perkasa a.k.a PERKASA yang diasaskan oleh “Bapak Katak” Semalaysia iaitu Datuk Ibrahim Ali. Menerusi beberapa kenyataan yang dikeluarkan PERKASA melalui media massa, saya merasakan bahwa pertubuhan ini begitu tebal fahaman perkaumannya. Kononnya mereka ini ingin mempertahankan hak-hak dan keistimewaaan bangsa melayu dan Raja-raja melayu yang menurut mereka telah dicabuli, dicabar dan dihina oleh bangsa-bangsa lain. Namun pada hemat saya, Pertubuhan PERKASA ini tidak labih dari percubaan menghidupkan semula api 13 MEI 1969 supaya sebelum berlangsungnya PRU 13, Malaysia boleh diperintah oleh MAGERAN sekaligus menghalang PRU 13 berlangsung kerana parlimen akan digantung..Bermula dengan kes membakar gereja sehinggalah tertubuhnya PERKASA ini, saya merasakan terdapat tangan-tangan ghaib yang cuba mencucuh sumbu api perkauman dan agama di negara ini demi memastikan survival parti pemerintah yang telah kehilangan majority 2/3 dalam PRU12 yang lalu. Ironinya, peristiwa 13 MEI 1969 dulu juga berlaku setelah parti pemerintah kehilangan majority 2/3 di parlimen.Saya tidaklah ingin mengulas lebih lanjut tentang peristiwa berdarah tersebut namun dari sudut teorinya, saya ingi berpesan kepada teman-teman gabungan agar berhati-hati dengan pertubuhan PERKASA ini dan jika perlu teman-teman harus memperingatkan akan teori ini kepada kawan-kawan takkiralah menerusi FB atau lain-lain medium supaya tidak terpengaruh dengan sabarang kenyataan yang berunsur perkauman yang datang dari PERKASA, kerana mereka tahu inilah jalan terakhir mereka ingin mempertahan kuasa mereka dari kemaraan kuasa rakyat yang sudah sepakat mula menolak Barisan Nasional.Sekian, ADMIN KAMI BENCI IBRAHIM ALI DAN GENG 'KATAK'NYA