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GST Training on Goods and Services Tax - Aug

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www.GSTMalaysia.org to offer Goods and Services Tax (GST) education and training at early bird price. The GST Seminar for two days:
The GST topics covered:

Day 1: What is GST
Day 2: Accounting for GST

Day 1 covers the key topics on implementing goods and services tax in Malaysia. You will learn important GST information that you did not know before and can help you pay less GST. Day 1 is suitable for Directors, Managers and Business Owners. It is suitable for all industries and business sectors

Day 2 covers Accounting Entries on GST for stocks, sales, purchases, goods return, bad debt, fixed assets, depreciation, expense claim and on how to prepare accounts and financial statements, billing and more... Day 2 is suitable for Accounts, Finance, IT, Tax, Audit, Bookkeeping, Administrative Managers and staff. It is the FIRST and ONLY GST Seminar in Malaysia on Accounting for GST.

Early Birds get special free bonus training on specialized industry topics such as Manufacturing, Import, Export, Distribution, General Retailing, Construction, Property Development, Freight Transportation, and more… Training grant claim is available to HRDF registered companies. The GST trainer and speaker is a chartered accountant with practical GST and VAT experiences from Singapore and UK.





GST Location: Click Below

Kuala Lumpur

19, 20 


Tues, Wed

GST Training KL




Thurs, Fri

GST Training Melaka




Tues, Wed

GST Training JB Johor




Thurs, Fri

GST Training Penang

KL (weekend)

27, 28


Sat, Sun

GST Training Weekend

Chinese (KL)

12, -


Fri, -

GST Training 消费税

New dates and places will be added soon. Seats are limited and secured by payment. We look forward to seeing you there! Please forward this email to your friends and colleagues who may also be interested in the GST Seminar.

In-House training customised to your industry or business sector is also available.
Email: info@gstmalaysia.org

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Ivy / Kelly Tel: 03-2116 9689 (Enquiry)
Email: info@gstmalaysia.org

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