Isnin, Disember 27, 2010

New scandal - RM150 fee for your must-have number plate

New Scandal ? More Burden For Rakyat?

>By Syed Akbar Ali
>Folks I just heard this from the president of a well known consumer association
>in Subang Jaya. Changes are being proposed to the Road Transportation Act (the
>Pengangkutan thingy) whereby all owners of registered motor vehicles will be
>required to buy new car license number plates.
>The new number plates will have some computer chip in it (to make the
>Government's job easier I suppose). Here is the catch.
>1. We will still have to pay the old Road Tax, get the Road Tax sticker etc.
>2. The "monopoly" to issue these new number plates will be given to two new
>companies (most likely crony companies - because they were not chosen by open
>tender or highest bidder for the concession).
>There are about 20 million registered vehicles in this country (cars, buses,
>lorries, motorbikes etc). So 20 million x RM150 = RM3.0 Billion.
>This seems to be the scale of cronyism nowadays - its always in the Billions, no
>more in the millions.
>So two lucky cronies will get the franchise to charge us RM150.00 per license
>Is this why Chrome Dome was recently appointed to head the suruhanjaya
>pengangkutan darat or something? There are Billions worth of 'concessions' to be
>given out
>Why burden the public even more? You are removing the subsides, the price of
>fuel, oil, flour, sugar is all going up. The Government wants to waste RM800
>million to build a new Parliament building.
>And we pay for all these subsidies - directly, especially the APs for the
>motorcars. A Honda CRV 2010 model costs RM150,000 here. In the US you can buy it
>for USD22,000 or about RM68,000 - slightly more than a Proton Waja.
>Why are we paying such high prices for cars? Who gains? Not the rakyat. Now we
>are required to pay RM150.00 for our car license plates for the benefit of some
>I say, nak menang ke atau tak nak menang PRU13? Or is this the season of pukul
>habis ? You know the politicians figure they are going to lose the next
>elections, so lets take as much as we can while we have the time. Zaman pukul
>And if you dont buy these new RM150.00 license plates, you can be fined RM300 or
>jailed up to 20 years (isnt it kind of excessive?). So kalau kroni tak boleh
>kaya, kita pula masuk penjara atau bayar denda RM3000. Banyak cantik ! !
>The other amendment to the Road Transport Act is that all roads, tracks and
>footpaths in the country and in the jungle will now be classified 'Government
>roads'. This means the Government will be responsible for their maintenance and
>But it also means that the new RM150.00 number plate law will be fully
>Again to benefit cronies. What does the rakyat get? Why do I need a microchip in
>my number plate? I am doing fine with the old RM20.00 number plate. Why think up
>useless ways to burden the people?

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