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The Dirty Hand Of Koh Tsu Koon In The Kampung Buah Pala Fiasco

Thursday, July 02, 2009 EXPOSED! The Dirty Hand Of Koh Tsu Koon In The Kampung Buah Pala Fiasco "Dr Goh Hock Jin is willing to come forward with information regarding an alleged illegal transfer of land, which is a small plot of government access land that was allegedly transferred to a Koh Tsu Koon crony in between houses 4 and 6, Jalan Cheah Phee Cheok, 11200 Hillside, Tanjung Bungah. " This the season for Lim Guan Eng Bashing. It is very clear now that the entire Kampung Buah Pala 'High Chaparral' issue has been hijacked by what appears to be Evil elements from the BN/Umno regime. Very strange indeed that while HINDRAF which the BN/Umno regime claims to be illegal is getting itself registered to be the third 'Voice' of the Indians in Malaysia , YAB Lim Guan Eng and the Pakatan Rakyat Government in Penang are now in a war of attrition with HINDRAF and its leader Waythamoorthy. Suddenly, we find the Police treating HINDRAF with kiddie gloves when they demonstrate against the PR Government in Penang . It appears the poor folk of 'High Chaparral' appear to be instigated by you know who. The only party to benefit from all these is not HINDRAF but the Evil BN/Umno regime who are planning to use the 'High Chaparral' issue to crawl its way back into power in Penang. The people are being hoodwinked by the Evil BN/Umno regime into believing that it nor its lapdog The Pondan Koh Tsu Koon had anything to do with the problem. In fact it is rather strange that Waythamoorthy and HINDRAF are not taking aim at the Mosquitoman Koh Tsu Koon and BN for the problem they have created. The story goes that the 'High Chaparral' folk have been living on the land for over 150 years in exactly the same spot where the original owners of the land, the Brown Family from UK were actively operating an estate in which all these people's forefathers were workers. When the Browns decided to pack up and leave for UK , they awarded the land to the workers of the estate and made the then Straits Settlement the trustee of the land over which sat Kampong Buah Pala. By this act, they made the government of the day the trustee for the land. After Independence , the Malaysian federal government took over from the Straits settlement and became the trustee. That remained so until somewhere along the way, someone in the state (got a gut feeling it was the Pondan Umno lapdog Koh Tsu Koon) made it into a TOL land i.e. the owners of the land were made temporary occupiers of their own land by an act of treachery. Then in 2005, the BN/Gerakan Penang State government who were not the owner of the land nor a trustee, sold the land to a Koperasi of the Pegawai Kerajaan Pulau Pinang - a Koperasi very closely linked to UMNO warlords like Ahmad Ismail for a paltry sum of a little over RM 3 million! ( Lim Guan Eng is now saying he will have to pay 150 million ringgit to get the land back - so you can see what a swindle this is.) It is this Koperasi that got into a joint venture agreement with Nusmetro, a property developer who is threatening the demolition. The Penang State Government bigwigs of the last administration, in other words those who had jurisdiction over land matters then, sold it to themselves (left pocket to right pocket) for a paltry sum, a land that was by the process of history owned by the villagers and (believed to be) held in trust by the Federal government and then now turn around call the true owners (the poor cattle herder residents) squatters. Interestingly, talking about Koh Tsu Koon, there is a Dr Goh Hock Jin who is willing to come forward with information regarding an alleged illegal transfer of land, which is a small plot of government access land that was allegedly transferred to a Koh Tsu Koon crony in between houses 4 and 6, Jalan Cheah Phee Cheok, 11200 Hillside, Tanjung Bungah. If this allegation is true, then the culprit of the 'High Chaparral' fiasco must also be the same person. HINDRAF Should Work Together With Pakatan Rakyat To Bring Down Racist BN/Umno The following comment by RK Sundram was extracted from MALAYSIA TODAY: "Hindraf is really going overboard! They made their point initially which won the respect of the masses which was one of the contributing factors for the March election tsunami. They should JUST stop there. They should be lending support to the PR for the good of all Malaysians and not be race based. With their race based rhetoric, what is the different between them and the very institution we all are against that is BN/UMNO?" "The PR Government is just over a year old and they are running an obstacle race with the Federal Government making it extremely difficult for the Pakatan States to govern. In light of this HIndraf should be supportive and cooperate to find win-win solutions and not resort to demonstrations against the very people who are actually trying to bring equal governance to all Malaysians. Have they not thought that the problems which PR is trying to undo were created by the last Government which was in place for the last 50 years? Pakatan have reversed many unfair practices by the former Government and actually given back much to the people. Point in example is Land Titles given to people of Perak who have worked the land for umpteen years without ownership. The beneficiaries were ALL Malaysians and were not done on racial lines." "Hindraf, enough ranting. Work for all MALAYSIANS and not only for the Indians. We should all be Malaysian FIRST. Give the support to the Pakatan Government so that they can form the next Federal Government. We all had enough of MIC and Samy Vellu and we don't need another MIC in the form of HINDRAF." "I'm Malaysian first and Indian second." The general feeling among Malaysian's is that they have had enough of the race based politics of the Evil BN/Umno regime. What Malaysians want today is a Malaysia that is color blind. Why do you think the racist PM Najib Razak is going around with his his 1 Malaysia concept. Najib knows that he has to do something drastic to win back support for BN/Umno. It can't be denied that HINDRAF started the 'Political Earthquake' that resulted in the 'Political Tsunami' of March '08. Instead of calling Penang CM YAB Lim Guan Eng a racist, HINDRAF should instead go through proper channels to discuss issues affecting the ethnic Indians in the country. The sorry state that the Indians are in today is not because of DAP or Pakatan Rakyat but because of the racist policies of the racist BN/Umno regime supported by the Pariah MIC. It is strange that HINDRAF doesn't want to hold the BN/Gerakan administration of Koh Tsu Koon accountable but rather go for YAB Lim's blood. The Scribe is concerned that by calling a man (YAB LIM) who went to prison for standing up for the rights of a 14 year old Malay girl who was a victim of rape, non Indians will not respect HINDRAF nor support it anymore. What HINDRAF should be focussing now is to work together with Pakatan Rakyat and bring down the Evil BN/Umno regime in the next General Election. HINDRAF on it's part must show to all Malaysians that it is fighting for the rights of all Malaysians irrespective of race or religion. The Scribe is also curious why this time around the Police allowed HINDRAF to demonstrate against the PR Government without the need to resort to arrests, tear gas and water cannons. After all, HINDRAF has been declared as an illegal organization by the BN/Umno Government. Something just don't add up here.

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